Frequently asked questions

Here we try and answer your questions. We also have a glossary to explain the terminology. We explain the jargon used in our industry and hopefully make the ordering process easy for you. We understand this is not your industry and you may not be familiar with what’s needed to buy branded workwear.

Minimum order quantity

12 garments is the minimum number of items you can order from us as your first order. This can be split over any number of styles. After your first order the minimum re-order quantity is 10 items – all to have the same decoration.

What is digitising?

This is the process of taking a design and creating a computerised pattern which will be read by an embroidery machine. This digitised pattern is different from a JPEG or GIF or other computer images.

How much does digitising cost?

There are 2 prices. For basic text the cost is £20 + VAT. For a logo/design the cost is £30 + VAT. These prices are subject to sight of the text/design.

What is customised embroidered workwear?

Clothing that has been decorated with a company’s logo or name or both.

What is embroidery?

A method of decorating a garment using needles and thread. The decoration can be simple text or an elaborate design or both. Our prices include embroidery up to 8,000 stitches per design. Larger designs will incur and additional cost. Hardwearing and high perceived value.

What is screen printing?

A method of decorating a garment using inks that are laid onto the garment using a series of screens, one screen for each colour used, plus a base screen for dark coloured garments.  Most suited for print runs over 20 items

What is digital printing?

A method of decorating a garment which suits design that have multiple colours, shading or photographic reproduction – best for small runs as set up costs are low compared to screen print.

What is vinyl printing?

A method of decorating a garment where screen print or digital print is not suitable or cost effective. The vinyl is welded to garments using a heat-press.

What is workwear?

Workwear is a term used for garments supplied by a company for its staff to wear during the working day. Usually associated with production staff. It serves to protect the employee whilst ensuring they are presentable when meeting customers or suppliers.

What is corporate wear?

Corporate wear is a term used for garments supplied by a company for its staff to wear during the working day. Usually associated with smarter garments such as formal shirts and blouses, trousers, ties and skirts. Perfect for staff that are ‘front-office’ or ‘customer facing’. Staff wearing these garments are usually happy as they are supplied with smart looking and functional clothes and don’t have to worry what they’ll wear for work every day.

What is PPE?

PPE is an abbreviation for Personal Protective Equipment. This is for workers employed in industries that are regulated by safety bodies such as the HSE Health & Safety Executive or are at risk whilst working. Garments have to meet strict criteria and are certified so you know you are supplying/wearing garments that have been determined as sufficiently protective for their use.

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